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Employee Confidentiality Agreement Form  v.6.0

This employee confidentiality agreement protects your rights, your confidential information and inventions as well as the financial security of your business. The employee confidentiality agreement form can be used for hiring employees and

Quick MBA  v.5.1

Quick MBA 5.1 offers you a wonderful tool that helps you get more organized, lower stress, and get off the financial roller coaster by making their business more predictable. Major corporations use an expensive and time-consuming system of planning,

Independent Contractor Agreemen Download  v.4.0

The independent contractor agreement from permits contractors to protect their rights. It is recommended to use this independent contractor agreement from a legal

Independent Compact Catch  v.1

Can you make all your customers catch the Independent Compact newspaper?

Kitchen Contractors  v.1.0

Kitchen contractors toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find local kitchen contractors and kitchen remodelers, tips and resources. View photos galleries of differenent kitchen

Swimming Pool Contractors  v.1.0

Swimming pool contractor toolbar to help you find reliable pool builders for internet explorer. Find pool companies, get free estimates and have swimming pool contractors contact you. Pool Builders compete - you swim!

Chicago Electrical Contractors Exam  v.1.0

This dynamic eBook Course can help you bring your electrical training to the next level. This engaging course will keep you involved and interested. The author was formerly Chief Electrical Estimator for the SmithGroup a large nationwide design firm,

Independent Contractor Agreement  v.2.1

The independent contractor agreement is commonly used by individuals or corporations. This online independent contractor agreement form is a service agreement that outlines the work that is to be done by the contractor, completion dates and other

MSU Brightness Independent PSNR Plugin  v.1.1

MSU Brightness Independent PSNR Plugin for MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool. This metrics allow to compare codecs correctly, even if one of them have changed average brightness of the frame.

Independent FTP Daemon  v.1.8

iFTPd, Independent FTP Daemon, is an FTP server written in Java. iFTPd features platform independence, system independence, ruggedness and a virtual file

Independent Packager  v.1.0

Independent Packager This is a Java program for packaging files for distribution. It creates a jar file that is self extracting and installing to the location of your choice. It can also install files to the Java extensions folder of your

Platform Independent Petri Net Editor  v.4.1

Create, model and analyse Petri nets with a standards-compliant Petri net tool. PIPE2 is the active fork of the Platform Independent Petri net Editor project, which originated at Imperial College

LIEL - Language Independent Ext. Library  v.1.0

LIEL (Language Independent Extension Library) is a language-agnostic library containing solutions to various programming problems and extending the capabilities of existing frameworks and code libraries.

Platform Independent Presentation  v.1.0

Platform Independent Presentation is a program that will allow you to view presentation1 on various platforms. To make it work on various platforms it will be written in Java 6.

OS independent NAS Sync  v.1.0

OS-independent, Client/Server based asynchronous File Synchronization Tool.

Geographically Independent Office  v.1.0

Geographically Independent OfficeA WWW application to allow SOHO companys to manage their business where the office is spread over a number of geographically seperated office locations.

Independent Axiom Users - Customizations  v.1.0

Project designed to allow independent Axiom users group the ability to share user developed code customizations.

Prepeat Packet Repeater (OS-Independent)  v.1.0

Prepeat is an OS-independent implementation of a packet repeater. Monitors and redirects network traffic for a given port acting much like a HAM Radio repeater network. Packets are repeated from one IP to another transparently. Java graphical version.

Simple, language independent, "comp  v.1.0

Base idea for Sli"c" was to really make code and data or other content totally independent. As far as I know, all aproaches haven't made a real difference and therefore often let "colide" Webdevelopers or Designers with the ...

Database Independent Abstraction Layer for  v.0.8.4

libdbi implements a database-independent abstraction layer in C, similar to the DBI/DBD layer in Perl.

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