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  • LIEL - Language Independent Ext. Library  v.1.0LIEL (Language Independent Extension Library) is a language-agnostic library containing solutions to various programming problems and extending the capabilities of existing frameworks and code libraries.
  • Platform Independent Presentation  v.1.0Platform Independent Presentation is a program that will allow you to view presentation1 on various platforms. To make it work on various platforms it will be written in Java 6.
  • OS independent NAS Sync  v.1.0OS-independent, Client/Server based asynchronous File Synchronization Tool.
  • Geographically Independent Office  v.1.0Geographically Independent OfficeA WWW application to allow SOHO companys to manage their business where the office is spread over a number of geographically seperated office locations.
  • Independent Axiom Users - Customizations  v.1.0Project designed to allow independent Axiom users group the ability to share user developed code customizations.
  • Prepeat Packet Repeater (OS-Independent)  v.1.0Prepeat is an OS-independent implementation of a packet repeater. Monitors and redirects network traffic for a given port acting much like a HAM Radio repeater network. Packets are repeated from one IP to another transparently. Java graphical version.
  • Simple, language independent, "comp  v.1.0Base idea for Sli"c" was to really make code and data or other content totally independent. As far as I know, all aproaches haven't made a real difference and therefore often let "colide" Webdevelopers or Designers with the ...
  • Database Independent Abstraction Layer for  v.0.8.4libdbi implements a database-independent abstraction layer in C, similar to the DBI/DBD layer in Perl.
  • Irish Independent  v.20100623Irish Independent is an OpenSearch add-on that adds a custom search provider to your Firefox or.
  • Contractors Insurance  v.1.0Screen saver based on a contractor insurance ...
  • Free Independent Contractor Agreement  v.5.1Purpose of this form Agreement for work between a company/owner and a contractor on commission basis Outlines the work to be done by the contractor, completion time, contract price, payment schedule and commission terms Can be used by individuals ...
  • C++ compiler independent plugins  v.0.81A portable C++ framework for dynamic class loading. Allows creating and loading binary plugins created by different compilers and/or versions. A binary dynamic cast feature that works over compiler boundaries on a given platform is also ...
  • Distro Independent Package Managing Tool  v.0.0.1A BSD Ports-like package managing tool that inherits the UNIX philosophies. DIPMT is designed for high clarity, absolute irrestrictability and strong extensibility to provide simple mechanism while keeping as same ability of using sourcecode as ...
  • Independent SecureSocketsLayer  v.1.0iSSL is a minimalistic cryptographical API that uses the ciphers RSA and AES to establish SSL-alike, secure encryptedcommunications between two peers communicating through a network socket, including session key generation and public key ...
  • The all new Platform Independent Tunnel  v.1.0Java based tunnel: Logging outgoing HTTP requests Reveals username/passwords/any posted unencrypted form data Can be extended as session hijacker for ethical hacking & implementing corporate surveillance policies Alsoat ...
  • Platform Independent Community Toolbox  v.1.0A suite of lightweight AJAX tools designed to be deployed amongst related web resources in order to provide the user community with a single point of collaboration and communication.
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